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Independent ? Professional ? Self Starter ? Sales Minded ? Travel Consultant ? Income Goals ? If any two of these descriptions, best describes yourself and your travel career objectives.
Were Looking For You To Join Our Team.

The Travel Express Corp. has become a global leader in the travel industry by offering amazing discounts and specials, real-time pricing and travel service options, knowledgeble and updated information with the same personal professional service since 1988. With the launch of our Web Site(s) over the last 6 years, we have taken our amazing discounts and unmatched customer service worldwide and always kept our clients priorities #1.

YES! We do it different for a reason....The travel industry is one part marketing and two parts sales and service. Our mission is simple: If Your Not Making Money, Were Not Making Money - WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED!

You may be the best at what you do, but if your not reaching your specialty market or have the competitive tools to offer a client when you do....your spinning your wheels. If you have worked hard to become a Group Coordinator, reconized as a Cruise Specialist or ARC Specialist, learned the ropes in offering All Inclusive Packages or considered an All Around Travel Professional, were looking for your expertise in these specialized fields of the travel industry.

Our websites are created and marketed for specific areas of the travel industry, which generate quality leads for specific types of travel, cruises, tours and destinations. As a TEC Affiliate you are then presented with leads (when available) that fit your travel service specialties. A TEC Affiliate is never limited to the type of leads they may get, but leads are matched for the best possible fit, for the clients best interest first. This proven method has a solid track record for increased larger sales, time efficiencies, good communications, decreased errors and Big Customer Satisfaction. Would you buy a Ferrari from a Honda dealer or visa versa?

Ready to have your travel talents and skills pay you what your worth? Tied of losing sales because you didnt have the price or what the client really wanted? Your current job lacking the respect and appreciation you have worked hard to achieve? We are looking for motivated salespeople and travel specialist who want to come aboard and join our Travel Pro Team of online hosts, air specialist, vacation planners, cruise consultants and travel group advisors.

If you have previous travel and cruise sales experience, have good selling skills and a positive "Can Do" attitude, we want you to consider joining our team of Travel Pros. If you have a computer based home office or the ability to set one up, this is a real opportunity worth exploring. TEC Affiliate Support can help with "Tips and Ideas" on how to streamline and optimize.

We are interested in people who are genuinely interested in positively outstanding service and truly want to earn a great income working in the travel and cruise industry. This unique oppertunity lets you work independently at your pace, set and achieve your goals, hone your travel sales skills and build a real income that is only limited by you and how much you want to make. Your investment time translates into paying you real profits, instead of you paying out major overhead expenses day after day.

We receive the highest commissions in the industry- 14% to 20% on all major cruiselines, 10% to 20% on vacation packages and 40% commissions on our prefferred insurance supplier. Also incredible commissions from International Travel Consolidators updated daily.

Travel Express pays you 50% of the gross commission earned on your individual vacation / cruise sales. International or domestic airfare sales will pay you 50% of the gross commissions. Travel insurance will pay you 75% of the gross commissions. There are no hefty start-up fees. You pay "NO Monthly Services Fees" and only a $15.00 per booking transaction handling fee depending upon the dollar value of the vacation and/or cruise booking.

The booking transaction handling fee includes the cost of shipping/handling travel and/or cruise documents utilizing USPS Priority mail, regardless of the size of the individual booking. Groups are handled differently. We provide all the support you need.-- document processing, billing, etc. State-of-the-art Technology "Power Agent 4.0 and/or Power Agent Lite" Exclusive software allowing you to search and book into any of our vacations, cruises, tours or groups quickly and easily through online booking capabilities with live inventory and real-time updating direct from the vacation and cruise suppliers. TEC Affiliate Membership includes FREE mandatory Error and Omission Insurance as well.

*The Booking Transaction Handling Fee is waived (for the booking sold in that month only) if you produce $3000.00 or more in gross sales a month.

The amount of money you can earn will be limited only by the investment in time you make in developing and servicing your clientele and marketing your services. You may join the program on a part or full time basis under options A or B.

Option A. As an TEC Online Travel Affiliate you are an independent contractor that works out of your home office and sets your own work schedules, but is included in our travel online network data / booking system and online available lead system. You must also generate and develope your own leads and client base.


Option B. Homebased sales agents will use our state-of-the-art,
web-based booking & vonage phone systems to assist
vacationers  who have contacted Travel Express through
one of our websites or travel promotions looking for a cruise
and/or vacation through our direct lead system and shift schedule.
Agents will be working as Travel Express homebased agents, dealing
with qualified consumers who have contacted us directly.

Travel Express Corp. is a global reach corporation, Sabre and Amadeus certified dealing with international travel consolidators. Because of this we can provide airfare, transfers and connections from any reputable airline or ground operator to complete your travel and cruise requirements for your client. If you need air and your client will be departing from outside the US or Canada, regardless of your destination or departure point, we can help you make the connection and complete the sale. Client travel customization whether domestic and/or international, even dealing with different languages, passport and visa issues, customs and cultures, we can help you make the sale. The packages we sell are all-inclusive, everything is included for one price - roundtrip air, and transfers to the hotel, resort or cruise ship, accommodations aboard, all meals, entertainment and use of the hotel,resort or ship's facilities.

To find out more about this Travel Express career opportunityE-mail Us  today or go to the "How do I get started?" section of this page. Tells us of your interest, experience and be sure to include your address and phone number.

How much does it cost to join TEC Affiliates?
Experienced Independent Agents

  • NO Monthly Service Fees, No Start-Up Fees, No Surprises.
  • $15.00 per booking transaction handling fee depending upon the dollar value of the vacation or cruise booking.
  • *Includes Power Agent 4.0 and/or Power Agent Lite software access for agent online booking and search access to 18,000+ database of discounted vacations, cruises, hotels, tours, rental car rates and services. We also provide sales leads generated from our websites that you can access daily through Power Agent. Plus direct access to booking and/or availability travel offers from 65 different cruiselines and/or cruise tours, Go Go, Travel Impressions, Vacation Express, Vacation Access and many, many, more
  • *Option B, Includes the Vonage Phone System, enabling you to have your own client contact number and to call clients anywhere in the US and Canada 24/7 FREE. You will also receive redirected incoming phone leads for new potential sales. NOTE: You must have an up to date computer (Pentium 4 recomended) with a broadband connection to utilize this super service tool 
  • *Quotes and Rates from International Travel Consolidators providing air, cruise and travel transfers and connections where and when you need them. No More Lossed Sales!
  • *7 day TEC Affiliate support
  • *Errors and Omissions Insurance
  • Sabre or Amadeus search and book software can be added for an annuel fee of $75 and a $15 per month service fee for Option A agents.
  • No start-up, franchise, service or training fees ever.
  • If you want, you can have your own personalized version of our style web sites. The annual cost is only $149. It includes online customer access to our 18,000+ page database filled with vacations and cruises for your clients to generate sales and leads just for you.
  • If you want, you can have your very own "Stand Alone Web Site", with your very own Domain Name included. The annual cost is only $360 or approx. $30 a month, which includes one year of 400MB server hosting, 5 GB transfer, 100 email addresses and much more. You get a choice of one, of 10 different professional index page layouts and graphics with 5 different accompaning web pages. All created, maintained and manually submitted to the major search engines monthly, by the webmasters at Web Lord Designs allowing up to 4 page updates a month free and only $10 a page up-date charge after that. It also includes online customer access to our Booking/Search Engines with our 15,000+ page database filled with vacations, cruises, airfare, hotels, tours and cars for your clients to generate sales and leads just for you, as long as you are a TEC Affiliate. All page traffic and sales generated are tracked by cookies and ID by your Domain Name / DNS website.

Is this program for me?
Experienced Independent Agents

  • This program is intended for travel experienced sellers, who may or may not have established clientele, but know how to market and prospect for new clientele and service existing clientele. Telephone/Internet/E-mail training and instruction on how to do business with the airlines, cruise lines and vacation / tour suppliers on behalf of the Travel Express Corp. will be provided.- You must have a minimum of 1 year of verifiable sales experience. You must also be competent in PC, Internet and phone skills with a overall general understanding of the travel industry.
  • If you want business cards the cost is $99.00 for 5,000 business cards. Full color X two sides
  • If your state requires a license, we need to see a copy of it before you get started. (Florida and California and other states have rules and regulations that pertain to sellers of travel. Contact your State for details) NOTE: if you work directly for Travel Express you will be covered under our blanket licence for Seller Of Travel
  • You must have Errors and Omissions Insurance. The annual fee for insurance coverage under our policy is included FREE as a TEC Affiliate Associate.
  • Errors and Omissions insurance covers your legal expenses and also covers $1,000,000 in covered-errors should you be sued by a client. You are responsible for any errors you make since it is your responsibility. You must verify and check for errors for all your clients. Our coverage will not be called upon for amounts under $1000.00 per person unless it absolutely necessary as premiums may increase as a result.

What about my client's deposits and payments?

  • All initial deposits must be made by Credit Card. We do not accept bank or draft checks for payment of any kind, without prior written approval from a Travel Express Corp. officer. All credit card payments are made directly to and with the Travel Supplier, Consolidator and/or Cruise Line. No client funds are held by Travel Express Corp.. For security reasons, all credit card information over the Internet in handled by an SSL page (encrypted information transfer) and/or the credit card information provided by fax, phone or mail is given directly to the Travel Supplier and/or Cruise Line or Consolidator who will process your clients charges. The travel supplier and/or cruise line or consolidators name will appear as the merchant on their monthly credit card statement. Our Pay Direct Process provides comfort and assurance that your clients funds are deposited directly with the Travel Supplier and/or Cruise Line or Consolidator. We will send your Client (with you listed as the only contact agent) a confirmation acknowledging their deposit, showing their balance and due date for final payment(s).

Can I share in leads generated from the Travel Express web sites?

  • YES!, We will provide you with leads generated from our direct web site(s), phone and email vacation request. Option A, (available lead system) Option B (direct lead system) The leads will be sorted and matched to the TEC Affiliate according to their listed specializations and top three travel preferences. Our leads have shown to be quality, qualified potential clients that are generating from our diverse web sites, in search of specific types of travel and destinations.
  • There are no guarantees implied or inferred that you would earn anything from working these leads. You could earn a lot or a little depending, but the potential to make that sale is far greater when you connect with a client thats looking for something youve got and you know how to sell it. Our leads are generated through our websites, e-mail promotions, media promotionals and co-op programs with different travel providers. We receive phone leads, email leads, online registration leads and reference leads.
  • Internet studies have shown that potential customers surfing the net can get confused, fustrated and lose interest quickly, in trying to deal with the vast amount of repetitious travel information out there. Thats why our direct travel match systems works, making both You and Travel Express money.
  • Our web sites currently produce over 200k hits and over 3000 unique visitors a day searching for great deals, one-stop and shop convenience and professional travel service. We generate a lot of travel / cruise leads from online registrations, emails and phone call request. Our traffic numbers are increasing every day and with new weekly marketing and email campaigns, along with three new specialized web sites almost ready to launch..... Were Looking For You To Join Our Team

When and how do I get paid?

  • When a vacation sale, cruise sale, tour or airfare sale is made, deposit and final payments taken, forwarded to the appropriate supplier and the client has completed the vacation, cruise, tour and/or trip, you then receive a commission check from us. The check is drawn on our Wachovia corporate account and paid in US Dollars.
  • As a self-employed independent contractor, Travel Express Corp. will not deduct any taxes from your commissions. We will issue a 1099. You must declare all income on your tax return. Check with your accountant for possible tax deductible business expenses such as affilaition fees, familiarization trips and cruises, postage, printing, advertising, phone, etc. associated with a home office.

The Basic Requirements are:

  1. You need to be able to access your E-mails regularly. Several times a day. E-mail is our primary means of communication. We also email you continual up-dated information and announcements about specials, discounts, changes, fam trips, etc., that are agent and/or client intended.
  2. You must have a fax number- we need to send you documentation faxes and other items best suited to be faxed, rather then mailed. Note: there are online fax services available for reasonable monthly cost of $5.95.
  3. You need to be willing to do your own research. Online or off-line. Evaluate, market and network your home demographic area, including churchs, associations and sporting events you attend on a regular basis.
  4. You need to have good verbal communication skills. Get along well with others and understand good customer service is priority. Poor service and bad attitudes will not be tolerated and your contract will be terminated.
  5. You must make at least 1 booking a month. If you cannot make at least 1 booking in a 60 day period, you will be considered inactive. Note: TEC Affiliate Support Team available 7 days aweek, ready to help you
  6. If you decide or we decide you are inactive, Your annual fee's (if applicable) for optional services are non-refundable, if your status becomes inactive.

How Do I get started?

  • Ready to take the first step in a productive travel career? (No Phone Calls) Tell us about yourself, of your interest, experience and certifications in detail, on our online TEC Qualification Form. TEC Qualification Form Be sure to include your email address, your name, home address, telephone and all pertinant contact information. The information you provide will be used only to determine eligibility for becoming an TEC Affiliate Travel Pro. This form and the information you provide us is non-binding and does not obligate our company or you to any business arrangement, nor is shared with any outside source, except for reference verification from the information you provide.
  • Following receipt of your qualification form*, we will determine if working with us would be beneficial to us both. If so, we will then call you and have a preliminary discussion about our company and your interests. If we choose to proceed further, we will e-mail you an Independent Contractor contract and associated instructions. The contract identifies you as an independent agent and you will be responsible for paying your own taxes and states that you are not an employee of our company.

To find out more about this career opportunity E-mail Us today. and be sure to include your address and phone number. (No Phone Calls)

* We may withdraw the opportunity to apply for this program at anytime without notice.

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