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Your Honeymoon Cruise, A Romantic Moment Everafter

What's not to like: On a cruise honeymoon you can sleep as late as you want, enjoy the sea air and the ship's features and activities, see beautiful places without having to pack and unpack, eat to make up for all the pre-wedding dieting, and know the cost of the trip in advance.

Where can you go on a honeymoon cruise? Anywhere in the world. Cruises sail to every continent, and you can turn any one into your honeymoon getaway. Nonetheless, cruises to well-known honeymoon destinations such as Bermuda and the Bahamas are especially popular.

There aren't any formalities required for cruise honeymoon packages as there are in cruise weddings. Each cruise line does things a little bit differently.

Some feature no-cost special events, such as a honeymooners' cocktail party; others offer packages for a special price.

The majority of cruise honeymoon packages consist of amenities that spell romance. Roses in the stateroom, sparkling wine in glasses you can take home as souvenirs, breakfast in bed, private hors d'oeuvres or dessert deliveries, spa services, greetings from the captain, and other perks are some examples of typical honeymoon cruise package perks.

Prices for cruise honeymoon packages vary widely. In addition to the cost of the cruise, the package can add anywhere from an additional $30 to a few hundred dollars, depending on the value of the sweeteners.

Although some couples purchase packages in advance (or wedding guests do it for them), it's usually possible to buy the honeymoon package once you board. Ask for details at the front desk if you haven't pre-paid. Do make sure you want all the benefits. If you don't, it may be cheaper to purchase them individually.

One more thing: As honeymooners, you deserve privacy... if that's what you wish. If you are sailing on a ship with assigned seating, request a table for two before you leave unless you prefer to commune with new people at meals.

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